The 2017-18 School Year Is Fast Approaching

Parents and families, with the summer quickly coming to a close, we are beginning to prepare for a new school year. We have redesigned our website to offer more information, as well as easier access to PTA forms, mailing and updates.

We hope you all saw the letter from Dr. Keane regarding Home Access. If you have not already done so, ensure your account is up to date and accessible. Teacher assignments and all the information for the new school year will be available on Tuesday, August 15!

Ensure you read through all of the information sent in the welcome packet for the new year. There are many forms to fill in and information to be collected.

The PTA sends all its correspondence via email so it is important that you check your School Bee account to ensure it is up to date.

Please register your PTA membership as soon as possible. PTA membership is $15 for a family membership and a $50 contribution for the cultural arts program. The total amount due is $65. See the membership page or forms page for more info. If you do not have access to email or a printer, let us know and we will make hard copies available for you. Please contact Natalie Bochenski at if you have any questions regarding PTA membership.

If you do not join the PTA, your child will not be eligible to participate in After School Club activities, so please make sure to join the PTA membership now.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and your help. Here’s to a great year!

 — Anne Hutchinson PTA


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