Get Your Anne Hutch and Eastchester Eagles Gear!

Anne Hutchinson Gear 

Get your Anne Hutch Gear today! T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Pajamas, Hoodies, Mesh and Soft Shorts, Magnets and more! Orders due by October 20! Use the below form and send in via backpack express.

AH orderform_sportswear 2017

Eastchester Eagles Gear

Here is your opportunity to purchase authentic Eastchester High School apparel and show your EAGLE PRIDE! The younger kids love the apparel and these are great birthday or holiday gifts!!!

This online-only store powered by Metro Team Outfitters will close on October 8 and all orders will ship out on or about the week of October 30 to your individual homes. If an item is not in stock you will be notified and have the right to cancel those orders. The items are custom made to order so there are no exchanges or refunds. Thank you for visiting our store and GO EAGLES!

 Order Your Eastchester Gear Here


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